Day 8, 9, and 10

By Kristin

Day 8

Wuhan, Hubei

Today, was our last day in Wuhan.  It was bitter sweet.  I think of Wuhan, the place of our daughter’s birth, the people and culture, and I wonder if she will grow to know it too.  I want to tell her about the little shops on the side of the streets, the whimsical fashion, or how the busy people of Wuhan couldn’t resist stopping and saying hello to her.  Her cuteness has that affect on everyone!!!

With our bags packed for Guangzhou, we headed to a nearby park called, Hongshan Square.  That’s where our Ladybug discovered steps.IMG_2984


Throughout our trip we’ve been taking pictures of fun signs.  This sign in Hongshan Square is by far my favorite!!! 🙂


Before heading to the airport, we stopped at the Civil Affairs Office to receive our adoption certificate and gather for a short ceremony.


After a LONG wait in the airport, we’re off to Guangzhou!


Day 9



Today, our Ladybug had her medical tests done for her Visa.  The medical test consists of a general screening, ears nose and throat, measurements, and since she’s over two a blood draw for TB.  Kyle and I dreaded this part of the day.  We were not allowed in the room during the blood draw.  She only cried a little.  Mama and Baby cried a bit more 🙂



Day 10

Guangzhou: Shamian Island

Today is Easter and it’s hard to believe we’re celebrating it in China.  A small group of our friends got together in the hotel to celebrate.  It was a special experience.  We gathered to pray for our newly adopted family members, for each other, and our family and friends back home.  God has been ever present throughout our adoption journey and I am so thankful.

In the afternoon, many families went to Shamian Island.  We hopped in a cab and headed that way.  Shamian Island was beautiful and picturesque.  There are many statues on Shamian Island.  I really loved the statue representing the different generations of women in China.



My goal at Shamian Island was to get a picture of our Lady Bug by this statue.  Our Lady Bug had other ideas.  Frankly, she didn’t like them at all.  Instant tears.


Lady Bug is quite the character, when it’s picture time she doesn’t just smile, she giggles and laughs like it’s the best thing ever.  It’s impossible not to laugh with her.


We decided to stop at Lucy’s bar for lunch.  It’s an American inspired restaurant complete with grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries.  I will point out that “American Inspired” isn’t exactly American, but it was good none the less.  Lady Bug couldn’t wait for lunch so Baba gave in and handed over some fruit snacks.  She had never eaten them before but quickly gave her nod of approval followed by a smile and clap.


No explanation is really necessary for this photo.  She is just beautiful…and ours!!!






One thought on “Day 8, 9, and 10

  1. Berny says:

    So many memories packed into this trip. One of my fav pics is when you receive the certificate, and She is looking so intently up at your face. Awesome. Another fab is of her with Kyle on the steps. It’s just sweet. And of course her Easter picture is adorable. We can’t wait until you all arrive home and bring that little Ladybug home. Forever. God has Blessed our family in so many ways.

    Liked by 1 person

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