Day 5-7

By Kyle:

I assumed that Gotcha Day would be the most amazing day of our lives and every day that follows would pale in comparison.  The reality…there is only a tiny bit of truth in that statement.  Ever since the morning of March 21, every minute, every hour, every moment of every day has been more amazing than the last.  Our lady bug’s personality is blooming more and more every day with her many facial expressions to her impromptu dancing and laughing while I walked her around the supermarket in the carrier.  Yes, she was dancing in a carrier, bobbing from side to side and shaking her head while letting out the most contagious laugh ever.  No not every single moment has been rainbows and daisies but none of that matters when I hear her laugh and see her smile.  Yes Gotcha day was great, the most amazing day of my life, but you should have seen her dancing to ACDC with her heart shaped sunglasses on!!!

On day five the adoption was truly finalized.  After a few documents were signed and finger prints were made we became official parents of our beautiful little girl.  We took a nap, ate the Chinese version of pizza hut, played with everything but the toys we brought her, discovered Lady Bug actually does like bath time and then spent well over an hour trying to get her to go to sleep!  She wanted to keep playing and I don’t blame her one bit.  It was a pretty fantastic day.

Day six gave us a little bit more time for fun.  Our tour guide took all of the families to Moshan Park.  This park is also called East Lake Park and is known for its Cherry Blossom Trees.  It is a beautiful park consisting of garden area and a playground.  We were only able to see a small portion of the park but what we did see was beautiful, even on a drizzly day.


IMG_2429 We even had some fun on the slide!  I think this picture will be going in a frame and put in my office.  IMG_2865

And finally we ended our park adventure with nap time on Mama!


Day seven was a trip to the only orphanage in the giant city of Wuhan and a tour of the facilities.  We were also fortunate enough to see the finding spot of our daughter, the metal gate at the entrance of the orphanage.  Somebody wanted her cared for, and as bittersweet as that is, we are thankful.

After some nap time, a group supper and a trip to the supermarket, we decided to have a dance party before bath time.  Once ACDC came on the radio little Lady Bug really started to liven’ up.  Jamming out to some classic rock n’ roll…Daddy approved.  She even figured out that she looks good in glasses.


Did I mention her many facial expressions?  I know this picture is blurry but it is one of my favorites.  Sometimes the looks that she gives just crack me up.


Caption: “Really? You can’t be serious.”

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow night we board a plane and head to Guangzhou.  Hoping we can entertain LB for a smooth flight!




One thought on “Day 5-7

  1. Berny says:

    Sounds like some very busy days filled with a lot of bonding time . You will treasure every moment . Sounds like she will be ready to dance party with her cousins when she gets home.


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