Day 3

By Kyle

Wuhan, Hubei

Today was a pretty uneventful day, and to be honest, was a little needed with Gotcha Day right around the corner.  We had been go-go-go the last two days that a short travel day was welcomed.  There were nine adopting couples in Beijing yesterday, three of those couples branched off and went to different provinces and six of us all boarded a plane together and flew to Wuhan, Hubei.  Once we landed in Wuhan we met two more adopting couples.  Eight couples are hopping on a bus tomorrow morning at 9am and heading to the Civil Affairs Office to finally hold their child for the first time.  Three girls and five boys are going home with their new families.  To say that I am excited is a bit of an understatement.

We were shown where the supermarket is for supplies and where a small square (flower park) is so that our children can play outside.  It is still quite smoggy here just like in Beijing but in many places it is much prettier.  There is foliage and color that Beijing just doesn’t have in the city.  Being able to see green grass and pink flowered trees reminds us a little of home and for me at least, takes away a small part of the nervousness.

Speaking of nervousness, walking into our hotel room yesterday made everything that we have been waiting for feel so very, very real.  We are staying in the Wuhan Poly Hotel and upon walking into the lobby you can tell that this is a five star hotel.  No complaints here!! Kristin and I are already feeling the pre-game jitters of getting to see our little lady bug. Walking into our room on the 17th floor was just like our names being announced over the loudspeaker.  Now batting fourth…Mr. and Mrs. Nadrchal.  No turning back now.  We walked into our room and the first thing our eyes catch is a tiny little potty training toilet in front of the big one. Awww… yes I awww’ed.  Just next to it inside the white porcelain bath tub sat a smaller blue toddler size tub.  And to top off the cuteness, next to the bed is a small wooden crib, complete with bed sheet, blanket, and pillow.  Somebody may have had their eyes water up just a tiny bit at that moment, but I won’t reveal any names.  It didn’t take long for me to call shotgun for the side of the bed next to the crib.  I am willing to bet Kristin will be fighting me for that spot at some point.  In the end, I’m sure our lady bug will be in the bed between us, just like we have been dreaming of these past two years.

IMG_2809Twelve hours between us and our lady bug.  Tomorrow is the day!!!!!



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