Day 2

By Kristin and Kyle


Tiananmen Square

Today, we met up with the same Holt families as yesterday, and gained two more families to the group.  Both of which, are adopting from our daughter’s city, Wuhan, Hubei.  Our group was led by Alan our tour guide and Celine our Holt representative.  We started off the day by visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City located in the center of Beijing.  Tiananmen Square can hold up to 1 million people.  The literal translation of Tiananmen is:  Gate of Heavenly Peace.  Below is a picture of one of the buildings located at the entrance of Tiananmen Square.  It was built to protect the Forbidden City.


Tiananmen Square was VERY busy, as well as the Forbidden City.



The soldiers below were guarding China’s flag in Tiananmen Square.


Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty.






If you look at the building in the picture you can tell it is rather large.  I can tell you that in person the physical scale of this city, the statues, the artwork and the buildings for something that was built over 600 years ago is mind boggling.  We almost went straight to our daughter’s province instead of going to Beijing first.  We sure are glad we came to Beijing.  The amount of history we have learned is wonderful.  It is all fantastic information that we can pass down to our lady bug. IMG_0916



After The Forbidden City and lunch we had a tour of the Silk Factory.  Being able to see how the silk is derived from the silk worm and then used to make large silk quilts was quite a treat.  Every silk quilt and pillow is handmade.  The only machine used is the machine that unravels the silk from the silk worm and weaves it together with seven other silk threads.  It was really amazing to see how strong silk actually is.

We did get to walk around the store for a bit and marvel at all the amazing silk pieces.  Silk pieces from rugs, duvet’s, robes, pajamas and of course quilts and pillows.  We decided to buy two silks for our lady bug to wear, or at least hang in her closet as a memento.

Tomorrow, we fly to our ladybug’s province.  Wish us luck!!!


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