So Surreal

By Kyle

It is currently 11:07am in Detroit, we board our plane for Beijing in less than two hours and we are FINALLY updating our blog.  We haven’t updated since we were matched and we apologize.  We have been distracted with work and preparing for our little ladybug that we didn’t give our blog a second thought.  So, the plan is to put more effort into the blog and update it as many days as possible while we are in China.  I can’t promise anything for once we are home but hey, that’s a start right?

1 hour and 40 minutes, the countdown to Beijing is winding down.  Last night, after the luggage was topped off and the house was cleaned, I kept thinking, “we go to China tomorrow, I can’t believe we go to China tomorrow.”  Now it is tomorrow and we are going to China and I still can’t believe it.  I know we are going, I can see my boarding pass, I can see my carry-on luggage, I know we are not in Omaha anymore.  I know all of these things but it still doesn’t seem possible, like I am waiting to wake up from my dream.  It’s just so surreal.  I heard a small child yell “Baba! Baba!” (Daddy! Daddy!), just like I imagine hearing from my daughter in the future.  My wife is sitting next to me and she is as cool as a cucumber, calm as can be, now I know this can’t be real.  It is still so hard to grasp but maybe I will finally believe it is real at our next stop…BEIJING!  1 hour 29 minutes.  Almost there, until then…Zàijiàn.


Countdown: Ladybug Landing-5 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes, 24 seconds.



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