Garage Sale Fundraiser

By Kristin


Today we had our second garage sale fundraiser.  It was a huge hit!!!

We had a constant flow of people thanks to all the advertising and great weather.  We had tremendous help thanks to a family that won’t quit until we have our girl.

In the weeks leading up to the garage sale we asked friends and family to donate gently used items.  We had an amazing response and had more than enough items to sell.  We are so thankful to have supportive friends and family, this made our fundraiser successful.

Why is fundraising so important and how do my donations help?

This topic may make some people squirm, but I look at it as an opportunity to educate those on the adoption process.  It is no secret that international adoption is costly.  We are currently fundraising to help fund our adoption program fee.  This is the largest sum we must save for throughout the whole process and you’ll see why in a second.

The adoption program fee helps cover the cost to facilitate the adoption in our child’s birth country. This includes costs for personnel, administrative overhead, training, education, legal services and communications, working with government and agency authorities, legal fees, and passport and U.S. visa fees in the child’s country.

This fee also covers costs related to the care of our child prior to adoption, including food, clothing, shelter, medical care, foster care, orphanage care and any other services provided directly to our child.

To all those parents out there, imagine the cost of living for your child up to the age of three.  Think about the hospital delivery, diapers, doctor appointments, food, baby gear, clothing, etc.  Now imagine paying for that all at once!  Crazy right!?!

Well, welcome to adoption!  This is what many adopting families take on.  So when we say we appreciate everyones help fundraising and every single donation, we truly mean it!

We’re so blessed to be supported on this amazing journey to our little girl!!!

Thank You!


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