New Editions

By Kristin

We’ve been adding a few more items here and there to G’s room.  We’re buying items that children need no matter what the age, and a few fun ones too!  It makes the wait a lil easier knowing we’re creating the space she’ll call home.

On instagram, I follow Davi Jo Vintage, run by two gals I went to high school with.  They thrift, junk, paint, and create amazing items.  So when they posted this dresser they were selling at Junkstock, I thought it was adorable, but I didn’t get my hopes up because I was out of town and couldn’t attend.  A few weeks went by, and I decided to ask about it.  Luckily they hadn’t sold it!  When I saw it in person, I knew it would be great for G’s room.  It even had my hometown’s name stamped on the back.  I mean how perfect is that!

IMG_0647 - Version 2

We also ordered a play kitchen from Ikea, which finally came in the mail.  I’m not gonna lie, it took a while to put together.  My mom also found this sweet vintage doll highchair, which goes perfectly with her new kitchen set and doll.

IMG_0637 - Version 2


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