Books, Books, and more Books

By Kristin and Kyle

We scored big today at a children’s consignment store!  We had so much fun looking through the books and picking out just the right ones.  Little one, We can’t wait to read them to you!



Cooking Lessons

By Kristin

While staying at my cousin Conrad and Celi’s house,  I asked Celi to give me some asian cooking lessons.  Celi is from the Philippines and has lived all over the world. She is an amazing cook!

I think it’s important to learn about my daughter’s culture, and food is a great place to start.  Just as my German family goes crazy for sauerkraut and dumplings, I want my daughter excited to make gyoza (asian dumplings).  I love the idea that cooking together can help us bond and keep her in touch with her culture.



 Celi’s well known in our family for her lumpia (the Philippine version of an egg roll).  They are soooo good!!!


Exploring the asian market.  We had so much fun looking at all the different foods and it was so nice having Celi there to explain a few things.




A whole isle filled with different kinds of noodles!  That’s my kinda isle!




Learning how to make lumpia and gyzoa.





Always on my mind, Forever in my heart

By Kristin


I’m so lucky!  This week my Mom and I are staying with my cousins who live in Virginia Beach.  They only live three hours from Washington D.C., so we took a day trip up to D.C. and toured the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  It was gorgeous!  While there I was able to light a candle and say a prayer for a certain lil someone!





By Kristin

11667269_10155751912570022_7115388518809479780_nThe adoption process can be loooong!  And at some point, the journey feels like you’re never going to get there.  It’s like running on a treadmill.  You run, you’re tired, your doing all this work, yet you’re kinda in the same place.  In adoption, you fill out form after form, yet the end goal seems so far off.  And believe me, things have felt far off!

But for me, receiving our LID has made things REAL!

A LID is our dossier’s Log In Date.  Once a dossier is sent to China (DTC), our agency takes it to the CCCWA’s office to have it logged into their system.  The LID allows our agency to look for a match for us on the shared list.

Did you hear that?  A match!  So potentially we could be matched at anytime now! More realistically, we’ve been told 6 to 9 months.

But this is happening!  This is really happening!