Crib Shopping

By Kristin

I’ve waited for this moment for years!  And it was finally here. Crib shopping.

We focused our search on convertible cribs, as suggested by my Dad.  LOVE by the way that he’s already thinking of her well being!  We all thought a convertible crib would be great, since we only know her age range (0-3yrs).  This way we can easily change the crib into a toddler bed, if need be.

So off we went to the nursery section of the furniture store, unaware of the amazing experience we were about to have.

The furniture store has little nursery rooms set up, with everything from wall decor, cribs, to stuffed animals.  Right away, we saw a rather large, Hello, My Darling, painting set up.   We immediately think of Granny T.

Second area we walk over to, there’s another Darling painting.  We think, that’s weird.

Third area we walk over to, we hear a family speaking mandarin.  We look over and see a Chinese family buying a crib.  Goosebumps.

Ok Grandma.  We hear you loud and clear.

We were overwhelmed with emotion.  I sat down in a rocker and wiped my tears. Behind us was the crib we chose.  It felt like Granny T was right there with us, picking out her granddaughters crib.  Love you so much Grandma!  We miss you!


Home Study Update

By Kristin and Kyle

Holt has officially approved our Home Study!  We’re so thrilled to be one step closer!!!

Alright USCIS I800A and Dossier.