In Memory of Granny T

By Kristin


This has not been an easy post to write.  But I feel it’s important to do so.

For my Grandma.  My daughter.  My family. For Me.

This is in honor of my kind hearted Grandma, always greeting us granddaughters with a:

Hello, my Darling!

My mom and I stopped by to check on my Grandma.  And she insisted on looking at her old jewelry with me, something my mother has tried to get her to do for years.  But it was evident she wasn’t feeling well, so we said no, we can do this another time.  But again she insisted.  With Grandma on the couch, and I on the floor, I spread out her jewelry and started holding things up to her to tell me the story behind each one.  She then found a religious medallion and said take this with you and wear it on your trip to China.

Looking back, I’m glad my Grandma is stubborn and insisted we look at the jewelry.  It is my last memory of her before she entered the hospital.

A day or so later, Grandma was in the hospital.  The prognosis not good.  The family gathered around her in droves.  She had so many visitors!  She really meant so much, to so many people.  I will cherish those moments with her, like holding her hand, listening to her stories, and just having my grandma and cousins all in the room together.

She knew time wasn’t on her side, yet she had the utmust grace and calm about her. She trusted her Lord.

She said, “Don’t cry my darling, I’m going to a much better place.”  Here she was comforting us.

Little one,

Your Granny T was so excited about you!  She kept trying to guess your name, and kept a little list of G names she thought was yours.  Surprising enough . . . she kept our adoption secret under wraps until we were ready to tell.  And let me tell you, your Granny T loved to talk, especially to her sister, Rosie, so that was a challenge for her. One secret she got out of us, however, was your name.  She first called from the hospital and said it’s my birthday, that should be my birthday gift.  And then she said maybe I’ll give Kyle a beer, that will make him talk. She’s good!  She’s real good!  We ended up telling her one night at the hospital.  She said, “I need to know her name when I look for her in heaven.”  Oh, did we cry after that.  She said your name is BEAUTIFUL by the way!  And I know she’s in heaven saying ha ha I was the first one to see my grandbaby, because she said she’d do that.

Little one you have one proud Granny looking out for you!  She loves you so much!!!


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