Announcing to our Families

By Kristin

This easter weekend has been filled with excitement, nervous butterflies, joy, and lots of happy tears!

Announcing To My Family

My family gathered for easter weekend, and we waited for the perfect time to tell them. My Dad, always the farmer, was outside working.  So we waited.  And waited. Meanwhile my stomach was full of butterflies!

While waiting, I kid you not, my Mom began talking about some of her favorite asian dolls and dishes she displays in the kitchen.  And how much she loves asian things! Kyle and I gave each other a look.  I smiled on the inside, because here we were going to tell her about one more asian thing she would LOVE a whole lot more!!!

Finally it was time to tell them the news!

My sister, Chelsee, was the only one in on our little secret.  To not look suspicious, we had her orchestrate taking a family picture.  I was to set up the timer on the camera, while everyone got situated.

IMG_5569 - Version 2

Kyle acted as if he just received a phone call and took it in the other room.  Really he was grabbing these two signs:

IMG_0933    IMG_0932

When he walked back into the room he was holding up the signs, as I kept snapping pictures.

IMG_5571 - Version 2

Amber, Ryan, Dad, and Chelsee’s got it!

Granny T said, “So what’s happening?”

IMG_5575 - Version 2

Alexa, Mom, and Granny T’s got it now too!

IMG_5579 - Version 2

Mom said, “I thought the sign said you were going to Adventureland!”  We all laughed!

Kaiya said, “Are we going to dye easter eggs now?”  “Why is everyone crying.”  Amber explains she’s going to have a new little cousin from China.  Kaiya said, “What’s her name?”

IMG_5599 - Version 2

By Kyle

Announcing to My Family

The day after Easter we headed to my parents house to celebrate the holiday.  We had planned to tell them the big news with the same signs that we used to tell Kristin’s family.  Instead of gathering everybody for a group picture I made small gift bags for everyone.  In the gift bags were small things from the Asian Market, like chopsticks, noodles, fortune cookies, candy and other asian goodies.  As they were opening the gift bags they all had a slightly puzzled look on their faces.


They were giggling at the gifts, obviously confused as to why they were getting asian gifts for Easter.  I was excited and nervous to tell them, but since I had them all in one place it was time.  IMG_0065

Kristin had the camera ready and I had the signs behind me.  I casually said, “I’m sure you are all wondering why you are getting these gifts.”  “These gifts are a small picture of our future.”  With their puzzled faces focusing on me I held up the signs, one at a time, watching their excited reactions.IMG_0067

My parents were beyond excited.  My sister starting crying she was so happy!!! And after a minute or two when everyone else caught on they were excited too!!IMG_0069

Mom couldn’t believe it, she didn’t have a clue what we were up to, nobody did.  It was the perfect surprise, especially since Mom had been saying she wanted another grandchild. IMG_0075

We spent the next 40 minutes answering questions and bringing the family up to speed about our plan and the steps involved in our tremendous journey ahead. IMG_0078


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