It’s a Sign

By Kristin

Kyle and I are working on ways to announce the adoption to our families.  We finally decided on holding up two maps with the phrases

We’re on an adventure to find our baby  and   We will cross oceans for her.

Finding a world map with limited time, was proving harder than anticipated.  Kyle finally suggested going to Barnes and Noble. Luckily, they had one!

While there I wanted to look at a few adoption books.  So I went to the counter and asked for help.   Finally, after a long wait, a man came up to assist me.  I asked him about books on international adoption, specifically China.  The man got a big grin on his face and asked if I was adopting.

I said my husband and I were, and that we’d just started the process.  He immediately told me about the infertility issues his family had endured and how they decided to adopt from China.  He got so choked up telling me about his little girl, who’s now in her twenties, that I was moved to tears listening to his beautiful story.

There we were, two strangers crying together in Barnes and Noble.

As I walked to my car, I realized, I had just witnessed how powerful and moving adoption can be. It felt like a sign.




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